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Craft family

Chadwick & Sarah Craft


On February 22, 2018, Rev. Chadwick Craft was elected pastor of Pentecostals of the Gulf Coast and continues to serve, alongside his wife Sarah Craft, and three children, Sunday Rose, Jackson Rhett, and Harrison Chadwick.

Pastor Craft has a degree from Jackson College of Ministries and has served as a Christian school principal and JCM instructor. He has been involved with the MS district UPCI and has been in ministry for many years. 

The Crafts’ vision for the future is to continue leading a hope-giving congregation, build strong families, fund missionaries worldwide, and send ministers into the harvest field. Future plans also include paving a new parking lot, connecting the original church building on Popps Ferry with the new facility, renovating the old facility, founding an education center, and building a world-class family life center.

The future is promising because the foundation is strong!

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